Don’t forget about my Smart Girls Read Romance Blog every 6th of the month… I called this one… The Spanx and the Tiara

I have a new hobby… clearly I need to be writing.. but I can’t help myself.




Check me & the other smart girls out over at http://smartgirlsreadromance.blogspot.com/



Visit my friend, Joan Reeves, and see what she has today in store for you!












Well.. I didn’t get my NaNoWriMo done… BUT I did stop 1/2 way through the month only to start another book .but hey…. got up to just over 25K words. I’m still working on it.. so ya me.

I’m working on my Christmas book for next year and it’s sooooooooo hard getting into the spirit with the weather so hot (and may I add MUGGY!!). I swear our very dramatic A/C unit may have died last night. I call it dramatic because every summer it likes to act like Fred Sanford having a moment…  3a4cadbdf13f47be8972f059d23ec8fde8c9fc78ee4783b8e1fc3089685b1a2a

and then after I call it in… it’s fine. Hard to type that when I got a picture from a friend last night in Chicago. The snow is sticking there. So lucky!





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