bring on books 2




Today marks 2 weeks since we’ve heard from the repair people who have the contract with Samsung. No word yet on whether or not we can get a new refrigerator. Now we spend every day looking at a $1500 refrigerator that doesn’t work. What fun,… eh?



We’re not rich… but we do need to have 2 refrigerators in our house just so we’re not running off to the store every other day. Both refrigerators basically died on us. We bought one from HH GREGG.. as we have several appliances in our house. We bought a 2nd one right after they announced they were going out of business. The 2nd one was/is a Samsung. We got it and it wasn’t working. Found out that there were 2 previous owners and that someone already tried to fix it. It’s a piece of shit.




It is November 29th. Two days ago my husband turned the heat on…. Today it looks like we might need the A/C. Oh what fun it is to live in Florida!




Of my boys, 2 play soccer. Last night at one match my son played against a a team that targeted him. There was pushing, elbowing, tripping, slamming in to… and then a flagrant kick. The kid was kicked out of the game and the mom had this grunting like cheer .. hooted and hollered for her ejected kid.. “that’s being aggressive!”… No bitch.. that’s getting kicked out of the game.

I’m not sure how many games I can sit and watch.



My  husband and I have our hands full.

Five boys… FIVE .. count them! F-I-V-E boys. My son is 14. We have my four nephews living with us ..ages– 16, 13 , 12, and 11. My 20-year old daughter is already eyeing  all “now leasing” signs at all the apartment complexes we drive by. Stay tuned.


Mom to the Galaxy… Ya’ll have NO idea.