Hurricane Irma #HelpingHands

Under the wonderful leadership of Griffin Middle School’s coach, Coach Brett Stanley… some of the members of the Griffin Tigers’ football team were inspired to come out on Saturday (9/9/17) and help the community by bagging sand for Tallahassee residents at Dade Street Community Center. The amazing thing was it started off with just the football team.. and then folks who came to get bags…stayed to help shovel. It was an awesome sight to see.

My feelings are still a little hurt that the City of Tallahassee workers wouldn’t let me back up the truck or dump the dirt just because I 1-did not work for the city or 2-did not have some special licence or 3-they listened to the betrayal of my children who said I can’t even back up in our car that has a back-up camera. Ugh. Just kidding. These guys were great and manned the never-ending-sand bags.




Stay safe y’all!

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Yes ladies and gentlemen…it is that time of year again. School is back in session for the Galaxy Boys. I love it. After a summer of staying up all night long..sleeping in late… not having a thing to do… they’re finally back on a schedule. Related imagewhich means I am back on a schedule. Sure.. this means PTO meetings…SAC meetings.. DAC and TAC meetings but   Image result for challenge accepted.  I thought I would be back on my schedule yesterday but alas.. no. The school I planned on sending my son to somehow didn’t have his paperwork. It was a special program for kids but it was set at a traditional school. I sent email after email.. follow up with followup stating in the subject line..”Are we set”… “Do you need anything else?” And each time the director assured me everything was okay. Well guess what?Image result for i was wrong

Trying to speak to a person was trying to get help on a return on Black Friday Image result for black fridayRelated image

I had two kids at one high school orientation across town, my son at this other orientation… both from 8-10 and then a middle school orientation from 10-12 where my husband and I are on the PTO and we spent the time outside in the hot sun trying to get people to join the PTO.  Which btw… trying to get parents to stop by our PTO table …. Image result for i don't see you I baked cookies just to get the parents with kids to stop by. (Don’t get me started on the one kid who helped himself to 6 cookies.. I mean he had so many cookies he couldn’t even hold them in his hands!) But as the parents walked by I reminded them the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is for 30 minutes once a month AND WE FEED YOU!!! Sigh.

But back to Friday.. and spending 2.5 hours at one school… by Monday.. the same lady in the office where I spent 2 hours looked at me yesterday and said.. “Oh.. the directors of that program don’t fail to tell parents that the child has to actually enroll.” DUDE!!!! YOU forgot to tell me this while I waited in your office and could have filled that information out and picked up that info on Friday! And she even remembered me sitting there on Friday and being there for so long. We pulled him out of the school… but did we really since he was never enrolled?  But whatever.. Now 3 of my high school boys will attend the same school and my 2 middle school boys… who couldn’t be more opposite… Are going to be in every single class together this year. All advanced classes. I had to remind them it’s because they’re so smart.

Well.. it’s time for me to finally get back to work. Until next time!!





How do you raise kids and teach them not to lie? If you did something wrong.. own up to it. Lying about it gets you in trouble even more. Case in point… we have a Netflix account (who doesn’t?). For ages 14+ I have the account password protected. Some how… someone has been watching shows 14+. I don’t have a problem with the show…. I have a problem with lying about how you were able to watch it. So I asked the oldest. He said it just pops on and he doesn’t have to enter a password. So I had him show me and guess what.. low and behold the password page pops up. And of course… this is a surprise to him because it’s never done that before.