Tempting the Beauty Queen

Tempting the Beauty Queen
Three weddings, a gala, and a beauty pageant –¬†Oh My!
It’s gonna be a busy summer!
Miss USA has been crowned ūüĎĎ Gowns are being cleaned & properly stored ūüĎĎ Shoes are back in the box or on the rackūüĎĎ


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If Kenzie Swayne didn‚Äôt require a date for a string of upcoming weddings, she‚Äôd turn Ramon Torres‚Äôs offer down flat. The gorgeous entrepreneur stood her up once, unwillingTempting the Beauty Queen Cover to let emotion interfere with his ambition. Ramon needs Kenzie‚Äôs expertise for a new business venture, so he agrees to escort her. But when secrets from their pasts are revealed, can Ramon make Kenzie his‚ÄĒforever?
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Soooo… about this Sexiest Man Alive…

Here’s what I know about Blake Shelton. He had a song “Hillbilly Bone”… (which I’m allowed to sing on account of my West Virginia bloodline).. he’s on The Voice, he’s dating Gwen Stefani, and he was just named sexiest man alive by¬†People Magazine .




I’m going to comment as I flip through the…., I guess, honorable mentions–

Image result for checkThe Pearson men.. from NBC’s This is Us (also known as Tuesday Tissue Night). I’m good with that.. but I’d be pleased if Toby was in there somewhere.

Image result for this is us menImage result for chris sullivan

Zac Effron

Image result for check Kumail Nanjiani

Related image

Please find his “season” of Burning Love

Image result for checkCurtis Jackson

Image result for 50 cent suit

Image result for checkLuis Fonsi .. who you ask… Think Summer 17’s biggest hit… Despacito.

Related image

Ben Platt .. the dude from Pitch Perfect…. not the to be confused with Chris Pratt (dude from Parks & Rec/Guardians of the Galaxy/Jurassic World)

Image result for ben platt pitch perfect gif

Image result for checkArmie Hammer

Image result for armie hammer gif


Image result for checkKofi Siriboe

Image result for kofi siriboe gif


Image result for checkRyan Gossling

Okay… he will always have my heart because of Noah.

Related image


And that’s all the website gave me. I guess I’m going to have to push my grocery cart in a long line at the store so I’ll have time to properly thumb through to see who else made the list.¬†Image result for reading in line at the grocery store


In the meantime… Most of the writers I know like to “cast their books” when starting to write. So we all have our own desires/tastes/whatever to say who is and who isn’t sexy.

I made my own lil’ list of the sexiest men alive… all of these men have been a muse at one point or another in my completed books. Feel free to check out my¬†published books¬†and see if you can guess who would play my heroes.

Image result for checkImage result for checkImage result for checkImage result for checkImage result for checkImage result for check

my peopleBeFunky Collage

Don’t even get me started on my full WIP list of muses. #whew … now after going through all of this.. I’m thinking about creating a new series.. stay tuned to see if I follow through with Moonshine & Magnolias .. omg the ideas are coming in! Sheesh! I need to write and I need to edit… So.. that’s all for now.


PS… stop by¬†Jen Doyle’s Blog to win some cool holiday stuff!


Y’all know at my age it’s hard to make friends #momlife .. etc. So of course I gotta talk about it and boast (yes.. just as I do when I am carded in the¬†grocery line when buying my wine)Image result for celebration gif  victor cruzRelated imageImage result for celebration gif derek jeter

I met a FB friend and she’s awesome. Her name is¬†Jen Doyle¬†. She is a romance writer and you can see she likes baseball¬†¬†… click here and check out her books and she put together this really cool get-into-the-Christmas-spirit give away.

Can you see all these talented authors?¬†Kelly Bowen¬†, Brownen Evans, Anna Harrington,¬†Sheryl Lister ,¬†Farrah Rochon ,¬†Reese Ryan¬†, Shannon Stacey,¬†Tara Wyatt , and¬†Jen Doyle¬†….Well guess what?¬†One lucky person is going to receive 10 books‚Äďone from each of the participating authors PLUS a $25 Amazon gift certificate. If you want a chance to win, you’ve got to enter…. go to:¬†http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/c00761f51/?¬†

Image result for liam neeson good luck gif




Don’t worry.. I’ve rationalized why it’s okay to watch the Christmas movies… I’m not weird.

Image result for holiday popcornYes.. I will shamefully hang my head and admit that I love Christmas movies. Some of these movies I can justify watching without feeling too guilty. I’ve followed this genius’s list ¬†and made my own notes and comments on whether or not I will watch it/maybe watch it/hands down gotta watch. Also… because we all know that during the holidays on TV it is truly a¬†Image result for white christmas¬†land out there.. I’ve put in a couple of POC alerts (persons of color… if I missed someone… or outed them…let me know) .. also… Rumor Has It… Hallmark is open to submissions. SUBMIT YOUR STORY

Grab your favorite snack food and let’s get on with this list.¬†Image result for holiday nachosImage result for cookie butter snacksRelated image

November 11th (my B-day btw)

8:00 pm Hallmark  The Sweetest Christmas starring Lacey Chabert, Lea Coco and Jonathan Adams

9:00 pm HMM          A Song for Christmas starring Becca Tobin & Kevin McGarry.


November 12th

7:00 pm Up¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†A Very Country Christmas¬† starring Greyson Holt…. I’ll watch because he was totally hot in Bitten

  (yes, I am shallow)

8:00 Hallmark         Enchanted Christmas starring Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega

So I’ll watch this because, yay, POC! And also.. because I watched these kids grow up via my kids. So I’ll cry in my popcorn and feel old and cry because I love holiday movies and happy endings.


9:00 HMM                   Engaging Father Christmas starring Erin Krakow, Niall Matter, and Wendie Malick

This is the follow up to¬†Image result for silver spoons erin greyErin Krakow reminds me of Kate (Erin Gray) from Silver Spoons and so yep.. that’s justifiable reason enough to watch this movie.


November 18th

8:00 Hallmark Channel¬†Coming Home for Christmas¬†starring Danica McKeller. I’ll watch because I am secretly waiting for Kevin to show up and sweep her off her feet. Yeah, I don’t care what Daniel Stern said at the end of the series.¬†¬†Image result for winnie and kevin¬†

9:00 HMM         Christmas Homecoming starring Julie Benz Image result for darla and angel gif

November 19th 

8:00 Hallmark¬†A Gift to Remember¬†…. yeah… a bookstore worker… I like books. That’s reason enough!

9:00 HMM¬†A Bramble House Christmas¬†this was a book by a fellow¬†Harlequin¬†author, CJ Carmichael (although this book is not under them.. but if you didn’t know already, I write for Harlequin.. at least for now ->see me¬†

November 22nd

8:00 Hallmark With Love, Christmas

November 23rd

8:00 Hallmark¬†¬†The Mistletoe Inn¬† Alicia Witt plays an aspiring ROMANCE NOVELIST HELLOOOOOOOOO that’s totally me! And her character’s last name is Rossi.. could it be.. as in¬†Mr. and Mrs. Rossi (Special Tasks Bureau Series) by [Hector, Carolyn]¬†.. just kidding! I kid! I kid! Unless you are interested, it’s available for your kindle at any of the following fine places

Amazon http://amzn.to/2cwSxpf

Barnes and Noble http://bit.ly/2cZZMYr

KOBO Books  http://bit.ly/2djXvb2

iTunes http://apple.co/2cRcc4j

Google Play http://bit.ly/2dhAdzu

The Wild Rose Press http://bit.ly/2d4O3sO


Okay.. back to rationalizing why it is okay for me to watch these new Christmas movies.

8:00 PBS¬†¬†¬† Umm,… I hate to be the ignorant one.. but I never read a single page of these books. But I think it’s because in my building where I used to live, there was a girl with parents going through a divorce and everyone thought I needed to be nice to her and all she could talk about was this book while she had a bird she let fly around free in her bedroom as if it was a normal thing—which it’s not. Image result for the birds gif

*deep breath, Carolyn*


November 24th 

8:00 Hallmark The Christmas Train POC Alert! Danny Glover. And Dermot Mulroney is in here. How dare he still be sexy!  I remember his 1st movie Sin of Innocence Poster Sin of Innocence which starred Megan Follows.. who was also in the early versions of Anne of Green Gables


8:00 Hallmark¬†Finding Santa¬†this stars Jodie Sweetin. I didn’t like her on Full House but I love her on Fuller House. So.. I feel like I owe it to her to watch this.

November 25th

8:00 Lifetime  Wrapped Up in Christmas POC Alert!!!! Tatyana Ali aka Little Ashley Banks ..Brendan Fehr, Kim Fields, JASMINE GUY Joseph Marcell, JASMINE GUY, Dan Lauria, Jackee Harry, JASMINE GUY, and Mindy Sterling, AND JASMINE GUY


November 26th

7:00 UP  Christmas Solo POC Alert!! Nakia Toussaint is in this.

8:00 Hallmark¬†¬†Switched for Christmas¬†— twin sisters swap places. Twice the DJ Tanner?

8:00 Lifetime¬†A Very Merry Toy Store¬†Can I say POC Alert? Mario Lopez. Melissa Joan Hart stars in this… and I can almost give her a pass for maybe about everything because she did a movie already with Mario called Holiday in Handcuffs and she did Drive Me Crazy.

9:00 ION  The name of the movie is SNOWMANCE! WTF did I think of that name?! Now I HAVE to see it.


December 2nd 

8:00 Hallmark Christmas in Evergreen POC Alert!!! Holly Robinson-Pete. whhhat?

8:00 Lifetime¬†Four Christmases and a Wedding..this stars Arielle Kebbel… I can watch this because I am mature and I can overlook the fact that she was the mean girl in Aquamarine (don’t judge.. I have kids, remember)… because she was the super cool BFF in Vampire Diaries.¬†Image result for arielle kebbel vampire diaries


10:00 Lifetime –Lifetime seems to be doing these mini-movies. I have to mention this one¬†The Ugly Christmas Sweater… only because in¬†Image result for magic of mistletoe¬†there’s an Ugly Christmas Sweat Party. If you haven’t read it…of course you should.. and you can get it at these fine places….

Amazon http://amzn.to/2cjSZHX

Barnes & Noble http://bit.ly/2cRNkaO

BAM! http://bit.ly/2d9kMZL

KOBO Books http://bit.ly/2d4LarL

Indie Bound http://bit.ly/2d4LE0Y

iTunes  http://apple.co/2cL253p

Google Play http://bit.ly/2dbsrex

Harlequin http://bit.ly/2dbtSK2


December 3rd 

8:00 Hallmark Christmas at Holly Lodge ehhhhhhh? it has POC i n it? Sheryl Lee Ralph

8:00 Lifetime¬†My Christmas Prince ¬†¬†Eh, we’ll see if I watch it. The title reminds me of this new book by Alyssa Cole.¬†¬†PrincessInTheory HiRes

9:00 ION¬† The Spruces and the Pines?¬†¬†We’ll see.

December 9th

8:00 Hallmark Christmas Encore

8:00 Lifetime  Christmas in Mississippi starring Jana Kramer. Hated her in One Tree Hill until the last season.. so I may watch.

9:00 ION¬† Runaway Christmas Bride. It stars the girl who played in Unleashing Mr. Darcy… and that movie was cute. So… we’ll see.


December 10th 

7:00 UP¬† Christmas Princess — all I could find was ….Storyline Against the backdrop of Christmas in Southern California comes Christmas Princess, a heart-warming story inspired by true events about one brave high school girl who overcomes her difficult past to become one of the elite princesses in the world-renowned royal court of the Tournament of Rose Parade.

8:00 Sharing Christmas

9:00 ION¬†¬†A Royal Christmas Ball¬† .. a 39 year old hero.. and a heroine with a 17 year old… might just check it out!


December 16th

8:00 Hallmark Father Christmas

8:00 Lifetime¬† ¬†¬†Snowed-Inn Christmas¬†um yeah.. so it has One Tree Hill’s Haley…¬†Bethany Joy Lenz So I kinda gotta watch.

9:00 HMM Unbridled Love

9:00 ION¬† A Christmas Cruise POC Alert!!! Vivica A Fox and Kristoff St. John (are y’all watching Queen Sugar? Doesn’t the son remind you of Kristoff? I would totally cast them)

Image result for queen sugar cast Image result for kristoff st john

December 17th

9:00 Fox A Christmas Story Live! Love the movie.. POC Alert.. Maya Rudolph!

December 18th 

8:00¬†The Great Christmas Light Fight¬† I’ll watch.. and maybe channel in my Christmas competitiveness… which I so won’t have because I am not about to let my electric bill get any higher!


December 23rd

8:00 Hallmark Christmas Getaway

December 25th

7:00 Up    Winter Wedding Рor is the title Wedding Wonderland?

When Hallie and Lucas get engaged, they quickly begin planning the tropical beach wedding of their dreams. But the happy couple starts to get caught in family drama when both sets of parents can’t seem to agree on anything. Adding to the turmoil, their destination is completely booked and the next available spot is over a year away. Not wanting to wait, they decide to have their ceremony at Lucas’ mountain lodge in the snow. Their love is tested when the stress of keeping everyone happy gets to be too much.

December 30th

8:00 Lifetime¬†A ROYAL NEW YEAR’S EVE







The Beauty and the CEO is on sale $1.99!

Click here for your copy of The Beauty and the CEO

Undeniable chemistThumbnailry

Makeup artist Zoe Baldwin can’t believe the gorgeous guy she flirted with on the way to a job interview was her potential boss. So when Will Ravens, CEO of his family’s cosmetics company, tells Zoe her innovative approach isn’t right for his brand, she agrees to work alongside him at a beauty pageant to prove her skills. But where there are sparks, there’s certain attraction‚Ķ

Will is fighting to keep his family legacy afloat. He’s going back to basics at Ravens Cosmetics, leaving no time for romance or Zoe’s avant-garde ideas. But despite his intentions, he finds himself falling deeper under Zoe’s sensual spell. Amid the chaos caused by company sabotage, can both their career dreams and passionate fantasies come true?

Of course I like to cast my books to help me as I write…. Here’s my vision for Zoe and Will…

Tiara-clip-art-to-download-clipartcowA lil’ teaser of the chemistry….

……As she bounced backward with a prolific apology, the wooden rails creaked. The last thing she needed to do was fall into the water with her tablet. She welcomed the strong pull around her was, and she reached for the impeccably muscular arms.

‚ÄúWhoa,‚ÄĚ the deep and now familiar voice said into her ear.

‚ÄúMr. Ravens.‚ÄĚ Zoe gasped. Once her eyes began to focus, she narrowed in on his lopsided smirk.

‚ÄúLet‚Äôs see, we‚Äôve shared a plane, shared a seat on a plane, and I‚Äôve walked in on you taking a shower.‚ÄĚ

Heat burned her cheeks. Zoe held her index finger up to correct him. ‚ÄúAlmost in the shower.‚ÄĚ

Will inclined his head. ‚ÄúOkay, almost. However, I do believe we are beyond the formalities. Please call me Will.‚ÄĚ

Zoe bit the right corner of her bottom lip. ‚ÄúAlright, Will. You‚Äôll have to call me Zoe.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs a pleasure, Zoe.‚ÄĚ

He had no idea what a pleasure it was to still be in his arms.



Back in July Will did an interview with Kimani Press on Facebook

Click here for Will’s interview


Happy Reading!

images (2) Carolyn


I Don’t Want to Talk About “It”…

I entered a relationship… not just any relationship. I landed one of the most sought-after c50-shades-penatches of the times. And I am grateful to have been chosen. I felt special. I slept with my ego being stroked. Lil’ ol’ me never thought I was deserving of this relationship.

I’m not glamorous. I’m not educated. I’m not fancy. And I can be quite a bit of a bitch. I was not his only lady. But I knew this. she-devil-poster2_4033

I entered it knowing in the back of my mind I wasn’t the only one. I see the business transactions. I see the wining and dining the other ladies get. I see the proud family portraits come across my timelines. I don’t say anything because… who am I to cough up demands of exclusivity?images (4)

I feel guilty for being jealous. I feel conflicted. I mean… Like I said‚ĶI knew what I was getting in to.

But still I persisted (had to say it)‚Ķhoping‚ÄĒpraying he could adore me as much as I adored him. ¬†I thought I had enough love for the both of us. We had children together. FIVE! I knew we could make things work. Hell‚Ķ I am basically pregnant with our 6th and we planned for ten.

With each child we created together…our friends all supported us with congratulations. We had this perfect life. I thought you were proud of me. I thought we were going somewhere. I thought I was worthy. 50291443

Screen_shot_2012-10-08_at_1.13.51_PMAnd then to find out in a general email….

I’m going through the Five Stages of Grief (my own version)…stemming with inappropriate responses or nervous ¬†humor ……CIbuMk7VEAAUVAV

Mixed with sarcasm…. you know… maybe if he’d wined and dined and show me off like he did the other ladies.. we’d still have a chance…wine-and-dine-300x200

Our friends were hearing it at the same time. You and I are no longer. The calls came. The ‚Äúhow are ya doing?‚ÄĚ texts. Folks inquiring about what was actually said. And then the ‚Ķ ‚ÄúI knew it‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúI could have told her‚ÄĚ started coming around.

We’ve been officially together for a year and a half now and over the course of time I have learned a lot. I can’t do anything about the breakup.

I‚Äôll hold my head up 6358383131744844951659630700_tumblr_mybbqup5g81qaedvuo3_r2_250high with dignity and remember the one thing I have learned… I am worthy.

In the meantime….I don’t want to talk about it. I just want to write.

Let’s see if this is one situation I can find the romance.clark-griswold-wheres-the-tylenol

In the meantime…don’t forget to pre-order your copy… oh and… leave a review please!


The Beauty and the CEO

Undeniable chemistry

Makeup artist Zoe Baldwin can’t believe the gorgeous guy she flirted with on the way to a job interview was her potential boss. So when Will Ravens, CEO of his family’s cosmetics company, tells Zoe her innovative approach isn’t right for his brand, she agrees to work alongside him at a beauty pageant to prove her skills. But where there are sparks, there’s certain attraction‚Ķ

Will is fighting to keep his family legacy afloat. He’s going back to basics at Ravens Cosmetics, leaving no time for romance or Zoe’s avant-garde ideas. But despite his intentions, he finds himself falling deeper under Zoe’s sensual spell. Amid the chaos caused by company sabotage, can both their career dreams and passionate fantasies come true?

 Amazon http://amzn.to/2d4L9E8

Barnes & Noble http://bit.ly/2dhxK8p

BAM! http://bit.ly/2cHPxq1

KOBO Books http://bit.ly/2d2fzEf

iBooks http://apple.co/2cpaNTk

Google Play http://bit.ly/2d07Kkc