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Tonight is the 2018 Christmas Movie Kickoff!

8:00 pm            Christmas at Pemberley Manor               Hallmark Channel 


As Christmas approaches, Elizabeth Bennett (Lowndes), a New York event planner, is sent to a quaint, small town to organize their holiday festival. When she arrives, she finds William Darcy (Rady), a high-profile billionaire lacking in holiday spirit, in the process of selling the charming estate she hoped to use as a venue. Determined to make her event a success, Elizabeth persuades the reluctant Darcy to let her hold the festival on the historical estate once known for its holiday cheer. When they wind up working together to arrange the festivities, the unlikely pair begins falling for each other. But when complications arise and the festival is unexpectedly shut down, the couple parts ways and Darcy moves forward with his plans to sell the estate. On the night before Christmas, a wistful Elizabeth hopes for a Christmas miracle to revive the festival, save the estate and rekindle her holiday romance. Starring Jessica Lowndes and Michael Rady.

What other Christmas movies has Jessica been in? 2017-Hallmark Magical Christmas Ornaments. 2016-Hallmark, A December Bride. 2015-Hallmark, Merry Matrimony

What other Christmas movies has Michael Rady been in? 2017- Hallmark, A Joyous Christmas. 2016-Hallmark Christmas in Homestead.


In case you missed my tv list last week… here it is again

Here’s a game of bingo one can play while watching. I swear just from the trailer alone I hit bingo!


Watch, DVR, or Save for Later…Your Guide to 2018 Christmas Movies


Here’s a Christmas Game to play that I like to call ..Watch, DVR, Save for a snowy Rainy Day (’cause this is Florida and it’s more likely to rain). I am such a Christmas Geek.Here’s my handy guide for 2018 Christmas Movies to help me keep track of the new movies….At least these are the ones I found far. I hope they help you.

I love love love holiday movies. Last year I was bothered because a particular channel had a total white-out … but they’ve stepped up their game. So I stalked combed through… yeah.. uh, combed through the websites and compiled a list to help me figure out what game to play. I put a little string of lights by the movies with POC characters that are the main characters.

Saturday November 27th

            8:00 pm            Christmas at Pemberley Manor               Hallmark Channel 

Saturday November 3rd

            8:00 pm            Christmas Joy                                       Hallmark Channel

 Sunday November 4th

            7:00 pm            The Christmas Switch                            Up

            8:00 pm            Road to Christmas                                 Hallmark Channel

            9:00 pm           Marrying Father Christmas                 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

            9:00 pm          My Santa                                                      Up


Saturday November 10th

              8:00 pm            It’s Christmas, Eve                                Hallmark Channel


Sunday November 11th

7:00 pm               Chandler Christmas Getaway                      Up

8:00 pm               Christmas in Love                                             Hallmark Channel

9:00 pm                 A Soldier’s Christmas                                      Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

(A Veteran’s Christmas)


Saturday November 17th

8:00 pm                 Christmas at Graceland                                 Hallmark Channel

9:00 pm               A Godwink Christmas                                     Hallmark Movies & Mysteries


Sunday November 18th

7:00 pm               Christmas on the Coast                                  Up

8:00 pm               Christmas in Evergreen (Letters to Santa)        Hallmark Channel

9:00 pm               Return to Christmas Creek                           Hallmark Movies & Mysteries


Monday November 19th

9:00 pm                 Last Vermont Christmas                 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries


Tuesday November 20th

9:00 pm               Hope at Christmas                                Hallmark Movies & Mysteries


Wednesday November 21st

images8:00 pm               My Christmas Inn                                            Lifetime

                              Tia Mowry-Hardict, Rob Mayes, Jackée Harry, Tim Reid, Erin Gray

8:00 pm               Christmas at Grand Valley                            Hallmark Channel

10:00 pm             A Christmas Arrangement                            Lifetime


Thursday November 22nd

8:00 pm               Christmas at the Palace                                 Hallmark Channel

8:00 pm               The Christmas Contract                                 Lifetime

10:00 pm             ‘Tis the Season:  One Tree Hill                     Lifetime


Friday November 23rd

8:00 pm               Poinsettias for Christmas                              Lifetime

8:00 pm               Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe                  Hallmark Channel

10:00 pm             Every Other Holiday                                        Lifetime


Saturday November 24th

images8:00 pm               Christmas Everlasting                                    Hallmark Channel

                              Tatyana Ali, Dondre T. Whitfield

images8:00 pm               Every Day is Christmas                                  Lifetime

                              Toni Braxton, Gloria Reuben, Towanda Braxton, Michael Jai White

9:00 pm               Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane                 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

10:00 pm              Christmas Harmony                                        Lifetime

Sunday November 25th

8:00 pm                               A Shoe Addict’s Christmas                            Hallmark Channel

images8:00 pm                               Jingle Belle                                                         Lifetime

                                              Tatyana Ali, Cornelius Smith Jr., Loretta Devine

                                              Valarie Pettiford, Obba Babatunde,

                                              Keshia Knight Pulliam & Tempestt Bledsoe

9:00 pm                               Welcome to Christmas                      Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

9:00 pm                               The Truth About Christmas                          Freeform

10:00 pm                             Christmas Perfection                                      Lifetime


Friday November 30th

8:00 pm                               A Very Nutty Christmas                                 Lifetime


Saturday December 1st

8:00 pm                               Mingle All the Way                          Hallmark Channel

images8:00 pm                   A Twist of Christmas                       Lifetime

                                              Vanessa Lachey

10:00 pm                             Love for Christmas                           Lifetime

Sunday December 2nd

images7:00pm                      Christmas Catch                               Up

                                                Yanic Truesdale

images8:00 pm                    A Majestic Christmas                     Hallmark

                                                Jerrika Hinton, Christian Vincent

images8:00 pm                               The Christmas Pact                         Lifetime

                                               Kyla Pratt, Jarod Joseph, Kadeem Hardison, Jasmine Guy

9:00 pm                               Northern Christmas Lights            Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

10:00 pm                             A Star for Christmas                        Lifetime


Friday December 7th

images8:00 pm                  Christmas Lost and Found            Lifetime

                                             Tiya Sircar

Saturday December 8th

8:00 pm                               Santa’s Boots                                     Lifetime

8:00 pm                               Homegrown Christmas                  Hallmark Channel

images9:00 pm                   Memories of Christmas              Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

                                              Christina Milian, Mark Taylor

Sunday December 9th

7:00 pm                               Christmas with a Prince                 Up

8:00 pm                               Once Upon a Christmas Miracle   Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

8:00 pm                               A Christmas in Tennessee            Lifetime

8:00 pm                               Christmas Wonderland                  Hallmark Channel

Friday December 14th

8:00 pm                               Christmas Around the Corner     Lifetime


Saturday December 15th

images8:00 pm                    A Gingerbread Romance               Hallmark Channel

                                              Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Duane Henry

8:00 pm                               Christmas Pen Pals                          Lifetime

9:00 pm                               Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Sunday December 16th

7:00 pm                               Christmas on Holly Lane                Up

8:00 pm                               Hometown Christmas                    Lifetime

8:00 pm                               Entertaining Christmas                  Hallmark Channel

9:00 pm                               Reunited at Christmas                    Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Friday December 21st    

8:00 pm                               A Christmas Kiss                                Lifetime

 Saturday December 22nd

8:00 pm                               Christmas Copy                                 Hallmark Channel

(Jingle Around the Clock)

8:00 pm                               A Golden Christmas                        Lifetime

9:00 pm                               Small Town Christmas                    Hallmark Movies & Mysteries


Sunday December 23rd

7:00 pm                               Hometown Holiday                         Up

8:00 pm                               Christmas Made to Order             Hallmark Channel

8:00 pm                               3 Holiday Tails                                    Lifetime

9:00 pm                               Christmas Bells are Ringing          Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Tuesday December 25th

8:00 pm                               When Calls the Heart Christmas Hallmark Channel

Saturday December 29th

images8:00 pm                    Focus on Love                                    Hallmark Channel

                                             (A Midnight Kiss)



No Dates or Times for

imagesLife Size 2                                             Freeform

No Sleep ‘Til Christmas                  Freeform

A Christmas Prince (The Royal Wedding) Netflix

The Christmas Switch                     Netflix

Christmas in the Wind                    Netflix

Coins for Christmas                         TV One


For all things Christmas Movies

 Cool Link for all things TV Christmas Movies

Lifetime Movies

Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries







And yes… I know we ought to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first .. but as you know…there are two types of Christmas people.



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