I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

I don’t wanna grow up… I’m a Toys “R” Us Kid…..

Toys R Us Commercial

This whole Toys “R” Us closing thing has me in tears. First of all.. This is the store where I fell in love with giraffes and tried to write my Rs backwards just to be cute.29906170001_5718315389001_5718303604001-vs

I am totally about to be so

Un-Apologetically Girly right now.

My adoptive mother was a hippie.. a feminist hippie before I knew what one was. I just knew we’d never have Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes or Apple Jacks in the house ..she rocked the belted pads (go ask someone over 50).

So when she adopted me…I was probably her worst nightmare. I loved anything she hated….and it wasn’t to be ornery or anything. She adopted me at the age of one and according to stories, I would run over to hug the ladies wearing firs and stockings. I loved bright red lipstick and high heels. To my adoptive mother’s dismay… I loved one going to Toys “R” Us and picking out materialistic things. 201956-Material-Girl





I grew up with the stuffed animals and baby dolls,  board games my brother and I fought over (I was a sore loser) and then I matured. There was one and only aisle for me!



(photo credit) http://www.lovethispic.com/image/201956/material-girl)

The Barbie Aisle!! 


(photo is from https://totalsororitymove.com/the-pink-aisle-at-toy-stores-is-at-risk-of-becoming-extinct/)

I feel so sorry for the kids this day who will never get the chance to feel the joy and elation of turning the corner at Toys “R” Us and seeing the pink aisle…aka.. The Barbie Aisle.

Going to Toys “R” Us was my research,… my kernel for creating epic love stories at the age of ….



This was the initial place for what would not be considered fan-fiction…book-fodder.. plot bunnies or whatever you want to call it.



This was the way I chose which doll was going to star in my next big play and what they would wear (because God forbid that woman buy me new clothes for my dolls). I painstakingly wrote out scripts for me and my friends …and this is before copy-machines… and made a story-line for Barbie and her friends.

Do you remember the scene from The Addams Family Values?76e69b16-c7df-42ce-a5a3-280bee7f9913

Here’s the clip  if you haven’t seen the movie.

I felt the exact same way… except I believe I wanted a Kissing Barbie and instead I got a Sun Lovin’ Skipper. I believe that’s when I decided to cast my stepmother as the wicked stepmonster because she wanted me to have age appropriate dolls. As if!


As I get older I can never remember what doll I really wanted but I know I didn’t get the one I wanted and I specifically went to the store.. picked up the box and presented it to them to make sure they understood where it was and which Barbie I wanted.


Anyway… I still have my Barbies for inspiration. 


And even on a writing retreat… I got a little creative with this horror  (yes.. I was supposed to be writing)

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Okay, enough with that…. point is… had it not been for Toys “R” Us, I wouldn’t have such a creative mind at the age of um..hmmm… giphy




Back then we had to drag out parents to the store. Now everything is point and click … I mean sure..we used to circle what we wanted in big-ass catalogs.. so I guess that’s kinda the same.


(photo from https://earwaxkid.deviantart.com/art/RIP-Toys-R-Us-1948-2018-735386987)