Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. Celebrate the memories. Happy-Mothers-Day-2014-Flowers

christmas with karen Being an adoptee, I’ve never the best of luck with mothers in any form..(bio..adopted..step)… 960but you only have one….. well .. in my case you have like three. What I have learned from all my moms is how NOT to be a certain way…. how to break a cycle… and for that I am thankful.  I am also thankful for the friends who have shared their moms with me and my family and treated us like your own. THANK YOU! Family-isnt-always-blood.-Its-the-people-in-your-life-who-want-you-in-theirs-The-ones-who-accept-you-for-who-you-are.-The-ones-who-would-do-anything-to-see-you-smile-who-love-you-no-matt11043180_10203190317193180_1578386916345886698_n13342882_10207472542669266_6256707284167832283_n

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